Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Esther and Eunice here. We had a great time and even brought the kids, Ethel Louise and Mildred. First went to an alpaca farm called Little Brushwood Alpaca Farm located in Newton, New Hensey where  they not only schmoozed with some alpacas but were invited to lunch by some chickens. Some of the alpacas invited them to partake in their lunch as well.

Afterward,we went to the Silk Mill in Hawley and explored the food market area where they met Gary, the brother-in-law of their friend, Merle. There was a great art gallery where they saw this painting of a different type of chicken. 

Later that evening, we dined at a restaurant called Der Jaeger where we played a round of chess while waiting for our food. We also met the owner. Ethel Louise and Mildred imagined that they were riding on a pony. Finally, the dinner came! I think we ordered too much but wanted to taste the food.

The next day we first stopped at a farmers market called Ritters, then to an old fashioned candy store.

Stayed at the French Manor Inn for the night. Had to take a nap before dinner. 

First needed to tell tell the kids that the food hadn't come out yet and then it did. Talked with the waiter. Had breakfast the next day with some friend of Merle's and met Briget, the owner. 

Stopped at an old fifties place called Chatterbox on the way home where we met Don, the owner and our waiter, Nicole. Ethel Louise and Mildred had a milk shake.

Time to go home.