Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Don't think that we haven't been doing anything or going anywhere since we got back from upstate New Yolk.  Eunice and I decided to hide in our friend Merle's bag when she went into Manhattan to meet up with her cousins.  One day we were with her cousin Dorothy, Dorothy's hubby Steve, and Dorothy's daughter Jenifer.  

We first had dinner at a place called Dallas BBQ in Times Square.  Neither of us were interested in having the chicken.  We talked with the waiter and sort of munched on whatever everyone else was eating. At first, Dorothy did not notice us, but then was shocked!  Jenifer didn't care.

 After dinner we all went on an attraction called The Ride.  We were seated in such a way that you can look at the people on the streets.  Some even took photos of us.

We all had such a wonderful time.  Hearing that Merle's cousin Molla, Dorothy's sister and Karen, Molla's daughter were going to be in Manhattan a few days later, we again hid ourselves to enjoy the day.

We had lunch at some place called Chop T that specializes in salads.  We took a photo with Karen and then had some salad.

A few days later, we went on our own to a place called Woody and Pete's Lyceum in Flushing.  They were having some art event and decided to meet some of the artists. 

Some days went buy before we went out to dinner again.  This time it was a restaurant called Kennedy's located in Breezy Point in the Rockaways.  Since the children had not been out for awhile we let them enjoy themselves.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Once again, Marilyn and Minerva stayed home while Eunice and I took Ethel Louise and Mildred to upstate New Yolk.  Our first stop was at Fiddlehead Farm in Rhinebeck.  We met some of the cutest animals.  Melody (Mel), the owner was so welcoming as were the animals.

One of the sheep loves to eat flowers.  

We had a great conversation with one of the alpacas.


Eunice spoke to the turkey and chickens who told her how much they loved Mel and the being at the farm.  

Here are a group of alpacas, llamas, and sheep.  

Lunch was next as we made our way to Schultzville General Store and Cafe where we met owners Kameron and Kyle.  

We shared a soda to start. 

Ethel Louise and Mildred checked out a chicken salad sandwich but did not eat it for fear that it might have come from a distant relative.  

 After spending some time around the area and going to Red Hook Inn to check in, we had dinner at a place called Foster's Coach House and Tavern.  Eunice enjoyed a glass of beer and talked with our waiter, Frank.  

The chicken wings were quite tempting but we did not indulge.  I don't know who keeps putting this kinda food in front of us!

After a good night's sleep, we went into the dining room. They serve a really nice breakfast at Red Hook Inn.  We had fruit and later, saw a box of baby chicks.   Ethel Louise and Mildred got close to them. We told them that they can't take them home but perhaps Pat, the owner, will allow them to adopt one from afar. 

We were then off to a craft place but were too busy talking with a human baby to make anything.

Oliver Kiva Chocolates was just down the block.  We met Oliver who offered a piece of this delicious chocolate.

Next hotel was the Holiday Inn located in Mt. Kisco.

We later had dinner there.  

The next day, we went to a place called Caramoor  Center for Music and Performance, where we had tea and took a tour of the Rosen House.  We met some of the volunteers.

Our last place was another craft store in Scarsdale called Fun Craft.  Here is what we created.
Time to go back home.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Eunice and I took Mildred and Ethel Louise to a restaurant in an area called Rockaway Beach in Queens.  It's called Uma's.  Uma is the Executive Chef and the recipes are from some foreign country called Uzbekistan.  Whatever.  We just wanted to taste the food and meet everyone.

We met Conrad, Uma's husband and co-owner, some people eating there.

Mildred and Ethel Louise had some soda before their meal

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Eunice and I decided to take a trip to what was originally Annapolis, Maryland to rename the city, Hennapolis.  We had already changed Maryland to Marilynd really due to Marilyn's wanting to steal the entire State.  We let Marilyn and Minerva stay home while we brought the kids, Ethel Louis and Mildred.

One of the things we heard about were these Chick ceramic art pieces placed all over the West Street area in downtown Hennapolis.  We were hoping to get a photo with each.  Here are the ones we were able to find.

Our first stop was at this great coffee place called Baltimore Coffee. We had coffee and pastry, passing up on the chicken salad. Becky (left) and Kim (right) were very helpful.

Eunice and I checked into the Westin Hotel. We met Jim Piccoli, the General Manager.

Although there was a restaurant just across the street, we were a bit full from breakfast. However, we saw this planter that looked as if it had edible flowers and indulged, hoping that nobody would spot us.

Since there was art all over town, we thought we might do some of our own art as we went to a place called Wine and Design and see if we could learn to paint.  

 Here is Denise, who taught us how to paint.
On the following day, we went to a place called Spice and Tea where we met Basil.  I guess if you are only eating spice and drinking tea, you can be a bit underweight.  Eunice, the kids and I discussed our trip and asked for some pointers.  We also met Melanie and Erica who delightfully ran the store. 

That evening, we had a dinner at the hotel.  

It was our last day as we started with breakfast.  Ethel Louise and Mildred insisted on having eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.  We try not to tell them too much.  I guess that it's no different from human babies having mother's milk.  In fact since there was plenty, we all shared it.

We decided to take a harbor tour over at the Dock Street area.  Hitched a ride in someone bag. We talked with some ducks. and then boarded the Watermark Cruise.

Lunch before heading back.  We found Mike's Crab House where we happened to meet up with our friends Laurie and Merle. Had no idea that they were taking the same trip....okay, we read the itinerary (not going to tell you how, though). Being a bit thirsty after seeing all that water, we chose to have a Blue Moon beer.  We didn't get photo of what we ate, but you can probably see the food photos on either of their blogs.  We did, however, take a photo with the person who served us.

Since we are not "pets", we ignored this sign.  Here is a photo of the restaurant at it faces the water. 

Back to New Yolk.  Had a great time!!!